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Workshops are offered periodically through out the year

We offer Acting, Choreography, Improv, Audition, and Vocal workshops. 

Check back here for upcoming Workshops dates and information.

KU Talent Agent Terri Dollar

KU Talent Agency Talent Agent Terri Dollar is coming to ACT!


Student Workshop: February 17th 1-3:00
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work professionally as an actor? Have you
always wanted to audition for an actual talent agent to see if you have the right qualifications?
Is it a good idea to have a talent agent while you are still in school? What are agents looking
for? What do I have to do to get an agent? Do I need an agent? What is a talent agent
anyway? How does a young actor manage schoolwork and working professionally?
If you are curious and want to find out about these questions and more, please come to this
special intimate session with veteran talent agent Terri Dollar.
Terri will give it to you straight about the business, share some wisdom and funny stories from
her 5 decades working in the business and give you a chance to read for her.
She will answer questions and help you decide if this is something you may want to pursue.
She will give you some lines to read and give you a chance to actually audition!
Terri is super passionate about young people in the performing arts and will give you
information that you can use moving forward!

Parent Session:February 17th 3-4:30

Terri Dollar owner of KU Talent Agency and veteran stage mother will talk to parents about the
professional acting world for young people. This is a rare opportunity to hear this from an
actual agent who works with over 400 professional actors in the Southeast.
She will give you some advice to help you navigate the world of parenting a young actor and
talk about whether or not professional acting is something you want to pursue with your child.
She will discuss the ins and outs of the business and leave time for lots of questions!

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